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The Benefits of TerraClean™

7th December 2017

Restore your car engine to brand new! Original power, miles per gallon whilst at the same time reduction of your carbon footprint. TerraClean™ removes carbon which is the number one cause of running problems, non starts, cutting out but to name a few. Wouldn’t you feel better spending a month in a health farm? Giving your car a TerraClean™ which takes approximately an hour is the same thing. Once the TerraClean™ has been completed, internally your engine is like new, therefore preventing/reducing future problems on the side of the road.

Increased Performance

You will immediately notice that your car will run smoother, quieter, and will have improved responsiveness. After an engine has been TerraCleaned, it optimises fuel, resulting in improved power and torque.

Restored MPG

Another benefit to optimising your fuel is quite simple, you get more fuel for your money!

Nowadays, modern vehicles have management systems that are so advanced and clever, they can control the amount of fuel injected based on feedback from sensors that monitor emissions. The more carbon your engine builds up, the more fuel it must inject per stroke to run at its best, and if you have a Terraclean™ service your engine will produce the power required by burning less fuel, therefore saving you money on fuel!

Lower Emissions

Quite simply, when the efficiency of an engine is improved, the emissions will too, and as the process will prolong the engines life, it will remove any harmful carbon deposits that have built up over time – subsequently reducing your carbon footprint.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what your car felt like when it was brand new, then book your Terraclean™ today to find out! Call 0113 277 4943 for more information.

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