Only £200 + VAT for Engine Re-mapping!

At ADS, we know how beneficial engine re-mapping is for your car, but understand the service can sometimes be pricey. However, having your engine re-mapped is definitely worth it, and will save you money in the long run! Which is why we are happy to announce our special offer of £200 + VAT for a…

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The Benefits of TerraClean™

Restore your car engine to brand new! Original power, miles per gallon whilst at the same time reduction of your carbon footprint. TerraClean™ removes carbon which is the number one cause of running problems, non starts, cutting out but to name a few. Wouldn’t you feel better spending a month in a health farm? Giving…

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Engine Remapping: Does it work?

Firstly, what is Engine Remapping? Engine Remapping is most commonly known as the modification or replacement of the default on a vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU), which has been set by the manufacturer of the vehicle. What is the ECU? The ECU plays the most important part of the vehicle as it acts as a…

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Checking Your Car Battery in Time for Winter

When’s the best time? Many people ask how many times a year they should check their car battery, and when? Well most manufacturers would recommend you check at least twice a year, and the best times are Autumn and Spring. This is because both the heat of the summer months and the cold of the…

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How to Avoid Getting Overcharged by Car Dealers

Here at ADS, we’re proud to be able to say that we do what other garages can’t. And many local garages come to us when they are unable to successfully diagnose or repair a vehicle! Did you know that ADS are able to provide the same main dealer quality parts (under the original equipment manufacturer legislation) at…

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