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Checking Your Car Battery in Time for Winter

5th October 2017

When’s the best time?

Many people ask how many times a year they should check their car battery, and when? Well most manufacturers would recommend you check at least twice a year, and the best times are Autumn and Spring. This is because both the heat of the summer months and the cold of the winter months cause the battery to wear, making Autumn and Spring the ideal times.

Checking your car battery is imperative as it’s one of the most important parts of your car. If it fails on you, you could be stranded, so having it checked just twice a year could prevent you from being in a situation you’d rather avoid!


Battery life expectancy

Typically, a car battery should last around five years, however there are a few factors that can wear the battery down quicker, such as doing short trips, and using the electronics when the engine isn’t in use.

Doing short trips can decrease the life expectancy because it’s kickstarting the battery and not allowing it to fully charge back up again throughout a long journey. Sometimes this is unavoidable, and if so, just bear in mind your battery might need changing after maybe two or three years.

Another factor to be considered is using things such as the radio or car lights whilst the car engine is off. This will drain the car’s battery therefore lowering its life expectancy.

And as explained above, checking your battery regularly is important, but a quick visual inspection could also prevent your battery from being killed by corrosion. If you spot it quickly there are products that can clear the gunk away.



Do be wise and ensure you’re checking your car battery regularly, and doing what you can to prolong its life.

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