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Engine Remapping: Does it work?

2nd November 2017

Firstly, what is Engine Remapping?

Engine Remapping is most commonly known as the modification or replacement of the default on a vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU), which has been set by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

What is the ECU?

The ECU plays the most important part of the vehicle as it acts as a human brain to make the vehicle run. As an example the ECU regulates the engine to create the desired running speed. That sounds simple right? But that’s not all the ECU is doing, it is also operating many other functions on a millisecond basis:

-Air flow and air temperature into engine

-Fuel pressure/injection control

-Engine temperature and coolant flow around engine

To name a few!

On average the ECU operates on the more modern car equivalent of 20 PC’s/Laptops per vehicle, just to make it run!

Remapping the engine also improves the fuel economy, as ADS bespoke your remap to your car and country you live in. So rather than having a general map on your car for all countries, setting it to a UK environment means better fuel economy as we don’t suffer excessive heat or extensive cold periods which manufacturers have to account

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