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Are you having problems with your DPF? Have the DPF / Anti-Pollution lights appeared on your dashboard? Or perhaps your car is experiencing poor acceleration and MPG? There are many warning signs that your DPF filter needs to be looked at and here at Auto Diagnostic Services, we can help you pinpoint the problem quickly and effectively, and advise you on the best solutions. Here at ADS, we are the leading specialists in DPF diagnostics and repairs. Offering a complete service including in depth analysis to ensure key components and sensors are functioning correctly, DPF cleaning, road testing and DPF regeneration, replacement, and removals.

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an emission control device designed to clean the exhaust on diesel vehicles. Over time though, non-combustible materials will get trapped in the filter, creating back pressure that causes regeneration downtime, filter damage as well as engine damage. So frequent cleaning is something that many diesel drivers must consider to extend the life of their vehicle if doing short journeys. Typically, a DPF service is due every 150,000 miles, but it will also vary depending on make/model and usage. If you are experiencing problems or suspect a DPF fault, get in touch with us today to book your vehicle in for inspection.

Our Services:

DPF cleaning
- DPF regeneration
- DPF diagnostics
- DPF replacement

We offer cleaning on original manufacturer DPFs which negates the need to replace them in over 95% of cases. The cost of new DPFs from vehicle manufactures range from £800.00 + VAT to £4500.00 + VAT. Whilst our cleaning services start at just £100.00 + VAT (with DPF removed inc. sensors) and only rises to £140.00 + VAT maximum! For cleaning dpf on vehicles prices would need to be quoted on an individual basis.

As the local specialists in DPF diagnostics and fault codes, we are the go-to garage for all your Diesel Particulate Filter needs in Leeds and the surrounding area. If your garage is unable to diagnose the problem, let us help! Call 0113 277 4943 to book or to find out more.

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