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Terraclean™, the Basics

28th May 2018

As the only Terraclean™ agent in Leeds, we want to help our customers understand the whole process, and how choosing to have your engine decarbonised will make for a longer, healthier vehicle life.

1. What is the Terraclean process?

The Terraclean process aims to restore a vehicles MPG, reduce its emissions and boost overall vehicle performance and drivability. Terraclean™ uses a unique patented technology that links to your vehicle, removing internal deposits such as carbon and other lacquers that have built up in the engine over the years.

It has many benefits, such as increased power, increased fuel economy and quieter, smoother running.

2. How is the Terraclean process different?

It uses a highly refined fuel during the process of linking the vehicle engine to one of our specifically designed cleaning units. As a Terraclean™ agent, we offer the only two-system cleaning service in the area to ensure an optimum service, restoring your vehicle back to its peak performance.

3. Can you Terraclean any vehicle?

Yes. Whether you have a car, a light commercial vehicle or a motorcycle, we can Terraclean all vehicles to make them feel as good as new again.

4. How often do you have to Terraclean a vehicle?

Generally, we would recommend that a vehicle should undergo a Terraclean™ service for the first time after around 15,000 miles, and so on after every further 15,000 miles to ensure maximum efficiency.

Find out more about our Terraclean™ services here, or contact us today on either 0113 277 4943 or 07857 452 210 to book your service.

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