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The Benefits of Engine Re-mapping

24th August 2018

Engine Remapping is most commonly known as the modification or replacement of the default on a vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU), which has been set by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The ECU plays the most important part of the vehicle as it acts as a human brain to make the vehicle run. At ADS, by linking up through the OBD, we can install new software to re-map your engine. We can usually complete the work within a couple of hours – and your re-mapping will be completed by a trained professional.

There are many benefits of having your engine re-mapped, including:

·       Better performance

·       Speed and power

·       Improved economy of fuel

·       Lifetime warranty on software

 As well as helping improve driving quality, engine re-mapping will unlock the full potential of your engine, and our service ensures that your engine’s computer is programmed on the optimum settings. This means you won’t have to undergo the expensive process of upgrading, which some manufacturers hope for by limiting performance through the ECU.

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