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What is TerraClean™?

5th April 2018

You may have heard about Terraclean™ and its many benefits, but how much do you know about the service? Simply put, a Terraclean™ service involves linking your vehicle to unique equipment to remove carbon and other lacquers that have built up in your engine over the years.

Removing the carbon build up will dramatically restore your vehicles efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions, thus prolonging the life of various components and reducing the costs of ownership. Generally, a vehicle should undergo a Terraclean™ service for the first time after around 15,000 miles, and so on after every further 15,000 miles to ensure maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits?

-Increased power

-Increased fuel economy

-Lower emissions (and reduced carbon footprint)

-Restored MPG

-Improved responsiveness

-Quieter running

-Smoother running

We’re the only Terraclean™ specialist in South Leeds, so book your car in with us today! Contact us on 0113 277 4943 or 07857 452 210.

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